Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still waiting

I called Dr. Gentili's receptionist this morning to find out if he did his April bookings yet. And my adrenaline went up.  I left my work number with her to call me back.

Of course, I was 10 steps from my desk when the call came in, so it went to my voicemail.

The receptionist was nice enough to call me back and left me a message to the effect that the good Dr. did not do his bookings on Wednesday as was planned and probably would not get to them on Friday either. (Obviously he is not in today)  She said my name is on the list for April or May.  Then my adrenaline crashed.

Or May?  No no no no no no no!!!!  But as my one boss wrote back to me when I let him know about the delay - everything happens for a reason and perhaps I need more time to prepare myself.  And perhaps he is right.  He is very smart afterall, he's got me for an assistant!!

I went to my 4th of 5 Reiki treatments today, and I went there feeling terrible.  It's not so much my head, it's my tummy right now... as if my head didn't give me enough grief!  It can be from stress, what I had for lunch, or just might be an off day. I left work a bit early as I needed to come home and relax and get my tummy knots to relax before Reiki. For supper all I had was some mashed potatoes and a piece of toast.  I don't want my tum retaliating on me.  I feel better now, but definitely not 100%.


  1. Hang in there! I'm so sorry hear about all the delays. If they only knew how stressful the waiting game is for us! How did the reiki go?My sister in law likes it, but I have never tried it before. Iam new to this Chiari diagnosis so I am still trying to figure out what symptoms are associated with it. Do you have any nerve pain in your arms or legs?

  2. Hi Kate!
    I like the Reiki, and I'm not sure, but I think it is helping. 5 visits in 3 weeks is pretty intensive. I can feeling "energy" run through my limbs and even my brain now. It's kinda freaky. The practitioners don't give you a report card so to speak, so you have to know for yourself. I know I haven't had a bad headache since mid Feb. I'm going to go with that!
    As for nerve pain - no, not pain, but numbness in tingling in my arms and legs. It's not comfortable, like my leg and foot are asleep. I can be just standing at the stove, or sitting on the couch and it will happen all of a sudden. And it wakes me up at night.
    Sorry we had to meet as Chiari people, but thank you for stopping by!