Monday, April 18, 2011

A Few Minutes to Myself

I have a few extra minutes to myself today :)  Hubby has a dentist appointment right after work, which gives me an extra hour before I would usually start making dinner. What to do?  Sit down and blog of course!

I have to admit, I want to keep up with my blogging, but my spare time is spent doing a variety of other things lately.  Reading puppy books, finally finishing a cross stitch project I started almost 5 years ago (pics will follow once it's framed), physio, yoga, visiting a friend who has just had major surgery again :( and the list goes on.

I'd like to pick up ideas I've seen on other blogs, like Junebug who is tackling the A to Z Blogging Challenge, or even Marla's Ten on Tuesday, but I can't commit.  There are days when once I'm home and away from the office computer I don't even grab the laptop except to input stuff into our food diaries.  And that I can do from my iPod.  

It's not that I don't love all 3 of my loyal readers, I just don't think I'm that entertaining and engaging that people want to read all about my little corner of the frozen world on a daily basis, especially now that I have gone private.  (And I mean it, my world is  frozen, again.  Snowed all weekend... But it's starting to melt.)  And once we get puppy, in just under 3 weeks, I'm sure I'll be on the computer even less.  We'll be walking twice a day, plus puppy school, training and playing.  I will apologize in advance if my future posts are 1. all about puppy and 2.  fewer and further between.  It's just a fact of life.  Now that I'm feeling better, I don't want to dwell on my surgery and my Chiari and my nerve issues but move forward.  I don't try to stay in the past and rehash everything.  I keep moving forward, just as my favourite quote from Walt Disney says.  Especially because I have had such success with the decompression surgery.

I'll be here, now and again, but I can't promise the frequency.  And thank-you, my loyal readers, for hanging in this long!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And Stuff

Yes, the phone finally rang a couple weeks back... 3.5 hours later.  And the first call wasn't who I was expecting, but within 2 minutes of hanging up, the caller I waited on phoned.

I was waiting for the insurance adjuster to call.  I was in a minor truck accident.  I boo-booed my pretty lil truck.  And I also boo-booed 3 ribs - cracked the ribs from the cartilage.  Not one of my finer moments in my driving history.  I backed into a concrete pole.  Yep.  It wasn't even a moving object.  And, at 5km/h in reverse I injured myself.  I don't do anything half-assed.  I go full tilt into everything!!  Long story short, my truck is fixed.  I had to drive a car (ugh!!!) for 5 days.  Now I'm working on getting me on the mend, again.  Just when you start to feel good, the carpet gets pulled out from under you, again.

But, I'm still shiny side up, even if the shiny parts are a little bruised and tarnished! 

The first call the other day was the occupational therapist hired by my long-term insurer.  I had my ergonomic assessment at work.  The OT is recommending a headset for my phone, a new chair, a funky no-grip pen to make it easier to write, and a cart to carry files.  I agree with all of the recommendations, but I'm self-conscious about using a cart.  It looks like a little ol' lady's grocery cart... The pens look cool and might help as I can't grip a regular pen for any length of time as there is no feeling in my thumb and index finger most of the time.  We will wait to see what the insurance company approves.  

I've requested a referral to a local neurologist from my family dr.  I would like someone to actually confirm the EMG study findings as brachial neuritis.  And have someone tell me whether I'm recovering well.  I'm starting to feel better, which is wonderful.  Lots of physio, massage and acupuncture are helping!!

We're getting closer to puppy time!! Our little girl will be ready to ship to us on May 6th.  We have decided to have her shipped to us rather than subjecting an 8 week old puppy to an 18 hour drive home, which we would have to do over 2 days for sure, finding a place that accepts pets along the way to stay the night.  By having her shipped she is in our loving arms in about 4 hours instead.  And the breeder ships dogs all the time without any problems.  

We've been doing a lot of shopping for puppy, who still is unnamed.  We went to 3 pet stores last Friday and hubby's wallet did not get away unscathed.  And Sunday, we repeated the process :)  We have a whole basket of toys, chews, balls, rope toys and a blanket.  Plus I bought her designer poop baggies and a winter jacket for next year.  We ordered the collars and leads last night off the net.  We just need food, bowls and beauty supplies for her, and her of course!!  Hubby would love to fast forward the next 3 weeks until she is in our arms.  

Very soon one of these little bundles of fur will be all ours!!!