Sunday, March 7, 2010

: ) Peanut butter cookies ( :

I may end up jinxing myself, but I have had a pretty good few days.  Which reminds me, I should go grab an ice pack for my head for a while to relieve some of the tension at the back of my skull.  It's been a busy weekend.

Tea with an old friend, a jewellery party at my mother-in-law's, shopping with my sister-in-law on Saturday, and lots of stuff around the house today.  I managed a lot today and I hope I don't pay for it tomorrow.  I did laundry, dishes, made chili, vacuumed the whole house, went for a almost 2 mile walk with hubby, and made peanut butter cookies.  Mmmmm.... Peanut butter cookies.  I'm taking some to my bosses tomorrow.  They are both so wonderful to me when I'm having a bad day, a few cookies are the least I can do to day thank you.

I have arranged to have my will and power of attorney drawn up before my surgery.  I am not worried that something will happen to me, but in the event something does, I am prepared.  I'm quite anxious to hear from Dr. Gentili.  He has all of my MRI results now - they arrived on Wednesday at his office according to the tracking label.   I will give him until later in the week to hopefully review the reports and I will email him again to see where on the list I am for surgery in April.  It's only 3 weeks to the start of April, and I don't want too short of notice just so I can tidy things up at work.  I don't know who is going to cover for me yet, if anyone.  I have to talk to my one boss about it further before he leaves for Arizona later this week

Now, for some of those fresh peanut butter cookies....

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  1. Yum! PB cookies! Always a good idea to butter up the boss. :)