Monday, June 9, 2014

What's Going on in the Chiari World

There are a lot of new organizations, groups, websites, walks, awareness campaigns and friendships being built because of Chiari Malformation.

1. Canadian Chiari Association.  CCA was founded in Whitby by an amazing lady named Janet Hussey.  It all started with a group on Facebook - Chiari without Borders.  And it has blossomed and continues to grow with Janet and her group's hard work. CCA's website

2. I have been appointed President of the Thunder Bay CCA chapter.  We now have approximately 16 active members and our own FB group and email address:

3.  TBCCA will be hosting it's first ever Chiari Walk Across Canada on Sunday September 7, 2014.  It's been a lot of work by a lot of wonderful people!  We hope to have as many as 100 people!

4.  TBCCA meetings are held on a non-scheduled basis approximately every 4 to 6 weeks. We've met at coffee shops, restaurants, and member's homes.  It is usually a lively group with discussions on everything life has to offer, including Chiari!

5.  Sophie's a Chiari model!! She and Titan posed for Chiari Gear and look!  The June promotion features our own Sophie-girl!  I'm so very proud of her!  Check out all there is to offer at Chiari Gear

That's what is going on in a nutshell!! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mumma's Gotta Brag a Little!

I work very hard with Sophie at agility and in Demo group.  I am very proud of her first performance on May 22nd.  Yes, she ran straight to daddy when we started and my timing was off, but she did very well!