Thursday, March 18, 2010

More on Reiki and other healing techniques

One of my followers asked what is Reiki.  It's calm, it's healing, it's known as palm healing therapy.  It's best described as the channeling of energy through the body to heal, reduce pain and inflammation.  I had another session yesterday.  The practitioner, who is a gold level Master Reiki practitioner, said it was a good session.  I was so relaxed I even fell asleep a couple of times.  This apparently is a good thing - the more you are relaxed the better your energy can flow through you.  And I can, at times, feel the energy flowing through my arms or legs.  It's almost like a small electrical current runs through my body.  For more on Reiki, here's a link to Wiki.

There is a client at work who also practices a lot of natural healing methods.  She brought me some wild rose oil and demonstrated 3 methods of releasing tension and pain from headaches.  I'm all for managing without pain killers.  Tonight I've tried a couple of different things as my head is aching.  Pinch the skin between your thumb and index finger with your opposite hand.  Hold it for 5 seconds and switch hands.  The other is to place your fingers flat on your forehead - elbows out.  Drag your fingers from the center of your forehead out past your temples.  Move your fingers up a little (an inch) and do this again.  Continue up the forehead, over the skull with each pass, taking about 6 passes.  Both techniques are meant to help tension and pressure headaches.

While I'm here, what else can I update you on?  I heard from Dr. Gentili on Monday - he will be booking surgeries for April sometime next week.  So I should have a date soon.  I met a friend on-line who underwent the decompression recently.  She said it was like being hit by a truck for the first few days, but she's feeling better now.  That is good news.  If everything goes as expected, I know I can manage a few days of pain.  I manage that now.


  1. Cassandra, do you know about I created this and other sites to help people with rare medical conditions such as Chiari connect with each other. Please visit and let me know what you think.

    Ben Munoz

  2. I have heard (and used) the technique where you put pressure between your thumb and index finger. I have also ran scalding hot (as hot as I could stand) on my wrists. Both techniques are meant for migraines. They never really worked for me bc I think a Chiari headache is different from a migraine (I stress the "I think" part). Ice is my BFF ;)