Saturday, December 31, 2011

Moving Forward

On this, New Year's Eve, I thought I would pop in and say hello.  I know, I have been completely ignoring my blog.  It just doesn't hold the same appeal as it once did to "air my dirty laundry" to everyone on the web.  But I will not delete it as there is pertinent information about Chiari surgery here that should someone want to read, I want to be available to them.

Six months... what has happened in six months.  

Work: It was far too difficult for me to return to work full-time.  Symptoms flared up fiercely.  New, strange symptoms developed.  The neurologist even thought I'd had a stroke at one point... I'm alright, but I have very little tolerance for over-exertion.  I work 4 hours a day and manage with that... though some days are harder than others.  My biggest hurdles are the nerve / arm pain and guilt.  I feel tremendously guilty that I am not working full time.  The guilty feel will hopefully be addressed in the New Year when I start a grief and loss program.  Grief and loss of my former life and lifestyle.

Home:  Sophie is wonderful and amazing and smart and a pain in the neck at times.  But we love her to bits.  She's not a big Weimaraner.  Only about 50lbs.  She is petite like her grandma China.  Fine with me.  We have completed 3 levels of obedience courses and will look at something new in January to keep her active.  With the cold and ice and snow here I can't walk her as often for fear of slipping (despite wearing metal snow grips) so we play in the newly fenced backyard or at the nearby dog park.  She has her own winter attire - a lovely purple fleece-lined jacket.  It can get -40 here.  So far the coldest has been -23C / -10F.  And we have plenty of snow!  She loves the snow and would play until her paws froze if we let her!

Hubby is good and working lots with all of the snow.  Me, I'm a home-body.  If I'm not at work - my 4 hours of the day - I stay pretty much at home.  I still do as much crafting as I can, but I limit it to 1 hour a day for my neck and arm's sakes. I signed up for a cross-stitch exchange forum on FB and I stitch for a few of them, but not all as 2 per month is lots! I concentrate on my Christmas crafts mostly.  I've just been asked to make 7 spiders for a Christmas order for the coming year so I will definitely get onto those soon.    Here's one of my Christmas spiders:

They are very popular at the craft shows I do every year.  I think this year I sold approximately 60.  I include the story of the Christmas spider with each one.  They are meant to be on the Christmas tree, but many of my returning customers leave them out on the mantle or a shelf year-round.  It was actually one of my best years at the shows this year, and I'm thankful.  A little pocket money this time of year certainly helps.

I'll stop here.  I still pop in to read my favourite blogs from time to time.  Know I think of all my bloggy friends often.  I might be gone from the web, but you are not forgotten.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year and all the best for 2012!