Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nothing to Report

Nothing.  No news. No letters.  No phone calls. No word from the Dr. Gentili or his office. So did he do his job?  Did he schedule his April surgeries?  Am I on the list for surgery?  I'm so frustrated from not knowing.  I don't really care when the day is, just tell me the day!

I had a headache on Tuesday, the first I've needed to take anything more than ibuprofen for since mid February.  I think that is a record.  And my headache only lasted Tuesday.  It wasn't even horrid, but bad enough to come home from work at lunch, take a Torodol and some ice packs and lie down for a few hours.  And I felt better a few hours later.  My Reiki practitioner said the short length of the headache may have been because I have been going for the treatments once a week.  The energy has been channeled through my body and because it is flowing properly, the headache was less.  I'm still not 100% how this Reiki works, but I'm not going to dismiss feeling good.  I don't now if those are the right words to express it, but that is how I can express it right now.
So I want to e-mail Dr. Gentili and ask if I am on the surgery list or not.  My mum said to wait until Tuesday, I may hear something then.  So I guess I'll try to be patient until next week.

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