Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Visitors, MRI, Halloween etc...

I promised, and I shall reveal all of the wonderful things I experienced last week when my best friend in the whole wide world came to town.

Because she travelled with her mom, a young 82 year old wonderful lady, who is in a wheelchair, we agreed to meet for lunch.  J (aka mom) was meeting her sister and some friends for lunch at a new restaurant, by new, I mean open less than a week.  And while she visited with her family and girlfriends R and I got to sit together and have lunch.  Wow.  Catching up on everything that has happened in the past couple of months.  To be completely honest we haven't been in touch as much as normal this summer / fall.  Life - it gets in the way of everything.  So we are well caught up on our lives, her 3 kids and their comings and goings, the houseful of pets, and all points in between.  God how I miss her already, just 6 days later.  Our 2 hour lunch was bliss.  We just pick up where we left off.  Best friends.  Plain and simple.  Miss her, miss her, miss her like crazy!

In other news...

C-spine MRI is tonight at 10 pm.  Well, arrive for 10 pm, MRI will be thereafter... I will arrive early, as usual for me, panicking all the way that I will be late.  I'm a worrier.  Grandma said she did enough for 2, I do enough for the whole family.  It's a 6 minute drive, then parking... not a difficult scenario at 10 pm.  But I will be out of the house by 9:30.  Crazy, neurotic, yes.  But you can't change me.  Not much anyway.

Halloween is just a few days away.  House and yard are decorated.  And today we had a south-easter blow through... Time to go retrieve my ornaments from around the yard.  For the first time ever I own a costume for handing out treats.  I wanted like Millificent from Sleeping Beauty...  Not happening at our stores and not inclined to make it.  I settled for a nice homemade costume at the 2nd hand shop - Rapunzel - it was going to just be a princess or medieval woman, but then I found a wig for $11 - blonde, braid to my knees.  Cool.  I can work with that.  And all for $24.  Not bad.  I have tights and boots or shoes to wear already.  (And entire under-the-bed box of tights, leggings, nylons, knee highs... I'm an impulse stocking shopper... )  I just have to get the treats into my little baggies for handing out and we're ready for Sunday.  On this year's treat list - O Henry, Reese cups or Reese's Pieces (those just may stay in the box :P), suckers and rockets.  What's Halloween without rockets!?  We don't carve real pumpkins anymore since the invention of the foam pumpkins at Michael's crafts.  We have 4, I've carved them all and I stow them away every year.  I love intricate pumpkin carvings, so these are a lot easier on my hand / arm and my pocketbook!!

No, I didn't carve him... But it is amazing!!!  Artist is Ray Villafane - love the zipperhead!!! 

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