Monday, October 25, 2010

Task: Typing

I'm doing work hardening.  And one of my tasks is to type as though I am seated at my desk at work.  For as long as my shoulder / arm can sustain it.  Trouble with this is I am way more comfortable on my laptop keyboard than I am on my keyboard at work.  And at work I'm not always constantly typing words, I do a lot of numeric entry too.  And my MacBook doesn't have a number pad.  Hurdle.  Will tackle it somehow.  So type till I'm sore.  Mission accomplished... 3 minutes.  But my shoulder was already sore when I started.
I also have to write, in a notebook, as though I am taking dictation or notes from my bosses.  Not bad, lasted 8 minutes the first time.  
Also working on grip strength.  That one is a little harder.  I have a squishy motorcycle stress thingy and I am using it as my silly putty doesn't offer enough resistance anymore.  
The relentless cycle of physio exercises is really interrupting my eating candy corn and watching endless movies.  Sheesh!!!  My physiotherapist should know by know I'm a couch potato after I finish my morning walk and physio.  I'm not potato shaped at least. I haven't gained any weight in the four months at home.  But I'm fixed to the couch.  A cup of tea within reach.  My various craft projects also within reach.  And my laptop on the next couch cushion.
Hmmm... I'm still typing - 7 minutes.  My arm and wrist are achy, but my shoulder is about the same... and there is a strong, uncomfortable burn between my shoulder blades which I presume is there because I'm actually sitting properly for a change instead of slouched in my couch potato pose.
The burn is enough.  For now.   Have to type twice more today...  I may run out of things to say, very shortly!

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