Monday, October 18, 2010


I had the best email today from my very best friend in the whole wide world.  (And so you know, she now lives 1,600 km / 1,000 miles away).

The title of her email was "Tea".  We used to email each other at work all the time with "Tea" as our title.  Huh??  Tea, sweetheart, you are 1,000 miles away!  That has never stopped our desire for a teleport machine to whisk us off to a Tim's on a Tuesday night, but improbable.  Star Trek has not started marketing home teleport machines, yet. I'm waiting for an infomercial from William Shatner any time now.  

Intrigued?!  Heck yeah!! I opened the message.  She's coming to town TONIGHT!!! Extremely late, but still - TONIGHT!!!! Not for happy reasons though, very sadly, for a funeral.  But still, despite the loss of a family member, I get to see my bestest friend on Wednesday!!! That's just 2 sleeps away!!!!  And I haven't seen her since August 2009!!  And we're going for tea!!! We have a year of tea to catch up on! Plus she is staying just around the corner from our house, so I will also pop by and see her mom J who is also making the trip.  J reminds me so much of my dear grandma, she is truly a sweetheart!  And she kicked my butt at Scrabble - not bad for an 82 year old!

R and I have been friends for 8 years or so.  We met through work.  We worked in insurance claims.  (The racket I left behind nearly 3 years ago.)  We met each other to go to craft shows at Christmastime, tea now and again, and our friendship just grew from there.  R is like an older sister who I don't know well enough, but love every moment we spend together. I bought my motorcycle from her 4 years ago.  At the time she had 3, was buying a 4th, so needed to sell at least 2!  We then rode together, and started participating in craft shows together, and meeting for tea every second week, like clockwork.  Tim's on M Ave at 7:00, usually a Tuesday, unless something came up at work.  We've been through thick and thin.  Illnesses, men troubles, surgeries, kid troubles (her's, not mine, as we have none!), parent health issues, and her moving away to take care of her ailing mom 2 years ago. 

I have so much to tell her!! Our phone conversations and emails are just never enough.  She was supposed to come to Toronto when I had my brain surgery, but because of the G20 and the riots and the highway closures, she couldn't get into the city!  She was so upset she didn't make it there for me, but I understand.  And now she can see me all (well almost) all healed and feeling better than I did when I went to visit her and J last summer.  

Despite the sad reasons for the trip, I can't wait to see her!!

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