Thursday, August 12, 2010

What to Report??

Well, recovery continues... brain and leg are healing well. I'm up and walking 1.5 miles every morning and sometimes up to 1.3 miles in the afternoon if it's not hotter than the Mojave out there!!  My shoulder is still giving me GRIEF! But I can't do much about it until I have my MRI and then see an orthopaedic... I have one locally and one in Toronto to whom I am being referred.  Whoever can get to me first I will see.  Yes, it's that frustrating and painful that right now I'd be willing to chop it off at the joint and go limbless.  Except, I would have to work on my left-handed hand writing again...

Seeing as I don't have anything to report on my recovery, I thought I'd post a pic of my latest creation...  
Christmas fairies - in red, pink, violet, blue and crystal. Red photographs the best. I've started working on some other designs too - Christmas trees - and I'll share them with you soon too.  I also really want to get out the fabric and porcelain heads to make some more angels.

It's pretty quiet around here so I have a lots of time to work on my crafts when I have the energy.  There are lots of days when my shoulder screams at me to stay away from the wire cutters and dishes of beads, but I try to push through and make one or two things...  Days like today when the humidity is high and the heat unbearable there's not much I can do outside, so sitting in front of the fan with my projects is it.

I have to place an order for more beads sooner than later it appears too.  I've been using them up like crazy.  My local store charges an arm and a leg and a foot for beads so I buy there in a pinch when I'm running low.  But my ultimate supplier for beads comes from, surprise surprise, the US, Florida to be precise.  The price difference when you can buy bulk is astounding - 18mm pearls $0.40 here, or $0.07 from the US, including shipping and exchange.  Not to mention the variety and the bulk bags I can get.  When I use almost 100 of a bead on one project and the local supplier sells the bead in bags of 100 - kinda gets expensive.

But not to bore you any further with talk of nothing anyone else in the world is interested in... I'll sign off and wish everyone a pleasant, cool evening.  

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