Thursday, August 19, 2010

101 Things

I saw another blog or two with 101 things about the person, so I'm hitch hiking once again.  But rather than 101 all at once, I will divide it into a couple of posts instead, a little easier to read.

101.  I live in the same city in which I was born despite wanting to move away several times, I always came home
100.  I have one brother, one uncle, three cousins, one nephew, my mum, my mum’s partner, one papa.  Kinda small family, which I love deeply!
99.    I’m a 1998 alumni of Lakehead University – a Bachelor in French
98.    I drive a truck, not a car, not an SUV, a truck.  And I will always prefer a truck to a car.
97.    You can’t pick your in-laws, but I got great ones out of the deal, and I miss my father-in-law dearly
96.    I live where the average temperature in the winter is -8C / 16F in January during the day and overnight can dip to -38C / -36F.  In the summer we enjoy up to 16 hours of sunshine and temperatures in the 30sC / 80sF.  I like variety :P
95.    I love frogs.  I gave up counting at 125 collected frogs, and occasionally a live one or two – African dwarf frogs
94.    I speak English, Italian, French, and a little Finnish
93.    My husband and I have no children and do not plan to have any (don’t preach to me, I’ve heard all angles – it’s a medical reason)
92.    I ride a 1998 Kawasaki Ninja 500 – it’s purple and silver and I really miss  riding it this summer
91.    We don’t have cable or satellite tv.  We have rabbit ears on our 50” Pioneer plasma tv which gets us 2 channels most days, and up to 4 when the weather is right
90.    I love to garden.  I inherited that from my grandma and mum
89.    I am a Taurus and the year of the Dragon, and I fit both descriptions very well
88.    I prefer to bake my own bread.  But I use a bread maker to mix it because of a bad shoulder and arthritis in my hands
87.    I lived in La Spezia, Italy for 3 months on exchange when I was 16
86.    My father was born in Finland, making me and my brother first generation Canadians on his side
85.    My best friend lives 1,600 km or 1,000 miles away, and I miss her!
84.    I work as a legal assistant for 2 lawyers in corporate law.  Nothing nasty in my job – just business
83.    I am a crafter.  Needlework, beads, cards, painting, ceramics… I do it all
82.    I worked in insurance claims for almost 10 years just out of university, and no, it’s not what I went to school for
81.    I have had 2 surgeries to repair my right shoulder, 2 on my right foot, 1 for an ectopic pregnancy and 1 for posterior fossa decompression with a dura graft from my thigh (brain surgery….), and countless scopes
80.   My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Walt Disney World.  10 perfect days, 4 parks, and lots of roller coasters.
79.     My love of roller coasters ended with the Chiari diagnosis
78.    I have way too many Disney movies memorized…
77.    I have skied since I was not quite 3 years old
76.  I have an aquarium with tetras, neons, a pleco, and a catfish.  No froggies right now :(
75.   I trained as a lifeguard in high school and taught swimming lessons

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  1. 91. Me too! Lol! Except our LCD is not quite that big. Rabbit ears are us! ;p

    Always wanted to go to Disney - waited too long. Now with the Chiari I just can't see wasting the money if I can't go on the rides. It may possibly be the biggest disappointment of my life. :(

    Good luck coming up with 101 things. I hear it's harder than it seems.