Monday, April 26, 2010

Buh-bye ol' laptop

Our laptop entered it's last stage of life on Friday and by Sunday afternoon Thomas confirmed its demise.  So I am computerless at home and I cannot blog from my iPod.  I haven't been able to get this site to allow me to mobile blog yet - not enough time to research it. 

So if I'm missing for a while longer, you at least know why.

In other news - I've spent nearly every day at the hospital since April 24th - not for me for a change, but sadly for my dear grandma.  She has artificial heart valves and is battling a major bacterial infection right now.  It is very difficult to see her so ill again.  I go up daily (well, I missed 1 Sunday) and help or just sit with her and my papa.  Grandma just turned 83 and with all the heart trouble she has had I am truly blessed to still have her in my life.

I am also impatiently awaiting for Dr. Gentili to call some time this week with my surgery date for May.   I don't know why they call us patients - I'm not patient anymore! I've had a couple weeks of headaches off and on, bad enough to resort to trying Maxalt because I can't take Torodol while I'm at work. Grrr.... and the headaches are becoming more frequent again.  So much for my 36 day stretch of glory where I didn't need anything stronger than Advil.  Boo! Oh well, I knew it wouldn't last forever.  Just hope Dr. Gentili's office calls soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until then, I'll be divided between grandma's hospital room, work and my dark bedroom with my ice packs.

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