Monday, April 5, 2010


So I broke down and e-mailed Dr. Gentili this morning, and he replied by lunch. I'm disappointed.  I am not on the April surgery list.  Because he has critical patients and meetings in April, I didn't make the cut.  But I'm on the list for May.  I'm disappointed.  I would like to start getting better and surgery being put off another month means another month before I can start healing.

The first thing I did after I got the e-mail was call my grandma.  She always knows what to say and make me feel better.  She understands how I feel - after all, she is grandma and grandma's know best.  I still feel crappy... But looks like I'll have the summer off!


  1. So your not a critical patient?! That's crazy!
    Keep your chin up, you can get through this next month. By the way I never asked you how far is your herniation? Mine is only 7mm and although I am highly symptomatic I am worried that I won't be at the top of the list either.
    Granted, I would rather the Dr. save a life, than make mine better, but I know just how you feel!

  2. I have no words, other than Boo! and Grrrr! That sux, and I'm sorry you have to suffer for another month. May it be a relatively pain-free one!

  3. Hi Cassandra,
    I read that your herniation was 8mm and was also 7.6mm. Now I don't feel so alone. I didn't see any place where you mentioned a CINE MRI. Did you ever do one? If so what were the results?

  4. Hi Kate - I've never had a CINE MRI as there isn't one that I know of I can get to. There is one in Ottawa I think - 3 or so hours on a plane away...
    My last MRI said that my herniation shrunk - which I know is not usually possible.
    My chin is up, even if it is trembling now and again. I'm just so thoroughly disappointed right now. I know I am not "critical" but my three month wait has become a four month wait and now it will be a five month wait since I wrote the NS to request a date. Yes, I have public health care but the waits are LONG!
    Thanks for posting!