Monday, October 19, 2009

The Struggle for Balance Continues

I'm trying to find between doing and not over doing it.  If I do a little extra, I end up with a headache...

I taught aquabics twice last week, plus went bowling on Friday and spent most of Saturday snuggled in bed with ice packs. The Maxalt only helps sometimes, not all.  If it doesn't help in the first two hours, it's not going to.  So the only solution is ice packs and a dark room.

This last few weeks has been worse than usual.  I think the combination of stress and fatigue has made my headaches more frequent and more intense.

I'm so looking forward to seeing Dr. Gentili on November 5th.  I just can't wait to know what his opinion is.  Will he have the same mindset at Dr. Haq - surgery, sooner than later? Will he even treat Chiari? Or refer me to someone else? Are there more tests needed?  Am I imagining all this pain?  Like some have said - is it just all in my head?  I have a list of 20 - 25 questions for him, and I'm not optimistic that he'll take the time to answer all of them, but I'm hoping he will.  I'm just looking forward to having answers so maybe I can figure out the next step.

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