Wednesday, October 7, 2009


That's my blood pressure.

And the Dr. says it's not that low.  He also said when he was screening young women entering the army in World War II....  WWII!! Yes, my Dr. is that old.  He said young women with low blood pressure would just pass out while waiting in line.  Comforting.  So feeling dizzy is just because of my low blood pressure.  His suggestion - salt.  Hmmm, not a great fix in my opinion.

But on a good note, he did approve my travel grant for hubby as my companion for my 2nd opinion visit at Toronto Western hospital on October 26.  Only 19 days to go!!

I've actually felt fairly well the last few days, some dizziness from the low bp, and the usual fatigue, but (touch wood!!!!) no headache.  The pressure at the back of my head is somewhat higher than average but it's not causing a headache right now.  Could be the rainy, cloudy weather. But it's been a couple good days, thankfully!! : )

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