Friday, October 23, 2009

Ahhh.... the weekend

Having battled with a cough / cold / flu all week, I'm happy the weekend is here.  I know health professionals are saying stay home when you're sick in case it's H1N1, but they didn't have 2 major files close on Tuesday....

Oddly I haven't had a real headache all week.  My system was too busy fighting cold germs to worry about plaguing me with intense skull pain - works for me!!  But coughing for 12 hours straight Monday and Tuesday were enough of a reminder of my Chiari - my head wanted to split wide open with each cough.  And it was uncontrollable even with Buckleys!

Beyond a cold, there's not much to report.  The weather's cooled off with some wet snow on Wednesday, but it didn't accumulate.  It's been grey and dreary and not a lot of sunshine.  We did have a beautiful red sunset last night as I walked to the pool.  Sad though, sun's down by 7 now, soon to be earlier as we get closer to December 21st....  I hate grey days.  They're so uninspiring.

I'm gearing up for the December 4th and 5th craft show at West Thunder.  I've got a few new beaded angels made.  And there's a parcel at the border I have to run and get this weekend with a few more supplies.  I really have to get downstairs and take inventory of what I have left from last year and get busy on more stuff for this year.  Good thing I'm only doing one show this year!

And countdown is on again.  13 days until I see Dr. Gentili!!

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