Sunday, September 27, 2009

The End of a Rough Week

My headache lasted through most of the week unfortunately.  It came and went in waves. And each time I exerted myself it came back with a vengeance a short time later.  I had to leave work at 1:00 on Tuesday, just couldn't do it.  I made it through the rest of week though, and hosted my very successful Pampered Chef party on Friday night.  But the exertion on Friday laid me out on Saturday and part of today.  And with a lingering symptom.

I get numbness in my face, but it usually only lasts for a few minutes to an hour at the onset of a migraine.  This time the numbness lasted for hours at a time.  Like I'd been to the dentist for freezings.  My inside of my mouth and my cheeks were numb all the way to my eyes.  A very unnerving sensation.  If it comes back tomorrow I will go to the walk in.  It's not a new symptom, but it is far more persistent than I've ever had.

I'm hoping that by trying to have a quiet day today I will be alright this week.  When a headache lasts a week it takes a lot out of me. And it makes me feel unproductive and lazy.  I'm still adjusting to the limitations which I find myself facing with the Chiari, and more and more just in the recent months.

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