Monday, September 21, 2009

If I only had a brain....

Wait!! I DO have a brain.  And I have pictures to prove it!!  So here's my brain.  Nice eh?  Well, look at the back of my skull - it's kinda curved in.  And where the skull ends and the vertebra go into the skull is the Chiari malformation.  I've added a line to show where my herniation is protruding.  The NS said 6mm to 7mm.

So my headache last night and today are mostly caused by this herniation.  Today was a 7/10 day.  I made it through work and dinner, but had to take a Maxalt because I was nauseated and really sensitive to light.  Time to go find an ice pack and check out the rest of my MRI pictures. I have the disc until we go to Toronto on October 26th.

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