Saturday, September 12, 2009

A bad day to be a tomato

Or just about any vegetable that I tried to grow this year.  Blah.  As I picked the tomatoes I came across blight, splits and a few with blossom end rot.  Not very good yield this year either.  I picked the green tomatoes and put them in the basement to finish ripening. I have 1/3 of the yield of last year.  Sad.  Won't even get a full batch of sauce.  I've already thrown out 2 dozen or more tomatoes that were too rotten or blighted to salvage.  Not a good day for the tomatoes.

The carrots are dismal too with rust worms infesting the roots.  You can peel off the affected areas but when the carrots are tiny to begin with, there's not much point.

The onions did okay.  Most of my tops were bent over so I pulled them today and they are tied together to dry.  I hope they don't rot like last year.  If they do, I'll write off the whole gardening season this year to the lovely weather we had all summer.

So some of my pots are empty.  I decided to dump those empty into the wheelbarrow and blend the soils so hopefully I won't have blight next year.  What would be nicer is if my garden were in the ground. But in time - once the new shed goes up.

Moving the pots and soil around I had the strangest sensation - like a burning at the base of my skull.  It wasn't painful, just strange.  I've probably overdone it today and will pay tomorrow.  But cross your fingers that I will enjoy Sunday without a headache.

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