Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I, well we, go to Toronto on Friday for my EMG nerve study.  Flight leaves at 6:55am... so at the airport by 6:00am.  Return flight is at 6:50pm, home by 9.  My appointment is at 11:00 and should be about an hour or so.  Fingers crossed for answers!!!  I don't expect miracles, but would like to know what is going on in my right shoulder, arm, and hand.

2.  Sunday morning I had to call my boss for a ride to work.  He asked me to come in and do a few things for a huge file closing on Monday.  No problem working on the weekend... except when it is -37C / -34F, and with the wind chill -46C / -50F.  Yes folks, that is COLD!  Needless to say there is a problem with my block heater in the truck and she wouldn't start.  Heck, I didn't wanna start!  Hubby was working too, so thank goodness my boss lives close and his car started and off to work we went.

3.  I tried to blow up my brother-in-law M on Sunday too.  He tried to kill me.  We're equal!  M came over to try and get the truck started when I got home from work.  He has a block heater tester.  We went outside, the truck was plugged in, and he said to turn on the power to the extension cord.  And my block heater cord arched and caught fire!  He yelled and I ran back to the switch to turn it off, falling on some ice in the process.  Switch off, M comes to the side of the house and made sure I was alright.  I was, just startled and winded from the unexpected slip and fall.  We had a good laugh when I finally got up from the ground.  M,  I'll blow you up, you try and kill me!

4.  So because of #2 and #3, truck went into the dealership today for a check-up.  The block heater is not working.  (for my southern friends, it's COLD here.  -40s cold sometimes.  We have an electric heater plug in our engine blocks to warm the coolant so our vehicles will start in these temperatures.  Some vehicles also have oil pan heaters.)  The block heater is covered under warranty.  Because the truck isn't starting properly they also checked the charging system.  They found I need a new battery, not covered by warranty.  And they charged me $40 just to tell me that.  ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

5.  Enough about my princess (truck).  My aquarium is slowly getting set up.  The pressure test last Thursday proved the tank could hold it's 40 gallons of water.  Tonight we started putting the stand together.  It was a couples project.  And a lot of fun.  I usually put together the DIY furniture so hubby was asking me how the lock nuts go in.  It was cute.  And it was fun.  We don't often do home improvements together.  Can't wait until we get the stand flipped upright and start rearranging the furniture to set it up in the living room :)

6.  So because I'm doubling the size of my aquarium I have been researching fishies.  I've decided I would like some angel fish and some gouramis.  And some live plants.

7.  Do you ever hear a song and it can totally change your mood?  One of my favourites is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawwo'ole.  (Watch the last 2 minutes of 50 First Dates, that's the song)  It just puts me at ease.  Israel was a Hawaiian musician with a wonderful talent.  It's hard to believe such a soft, gentle voice came out of such a big man.  He must have been a real teddy bear in life.  He performed a lot of traditional Hawaiian music, but has a few English titles as well.  Just go to YouTube already ....Over the Rainbow.  And check out his other videos while you're there.

8.  Because it's been so cold, the air is also extremely dry.  My skin feels like sand paper.  My poor nose is soooo raw... thank goodness I don't also have a cold!  I'm keeping Aveeno in business!

9.  At massage therapy today Dee hit a pressure point that made me feel cold on the top of my head into my left side of my forehead.  Very bizarre feeling.  Like the after-effects of Novocain.  Creeped me out a little.

10.  My passion for cross stitch has been renewed of late.  I'm working on a large project that I started in 2006... Yes, it got put away for a long time, partly because I got so involved with my craft show projects, partly because it is a very involved piece.  Once it is complete I will reveal all.  But until it is done it remains a secret as it is a gift. 

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