Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It's Tuesday! Surprise, I remembered to post a Ten on Tuesday.  Seriously folks, this working for a living business is really cutting into my internet, FB, craft and social life!  But honestly, I like being back to work, now 4 hours a day, but I'm freaking exhausted most of the time...

2.  We celebrated my mum's birthday over the weekend - well Saturday evening to be precise.  She was pleasantly surprised at the guest list and very gracious about the whole thing.  It was a small affair with 16 guests and enough food for twice that many. (I went a little overboard... what can I say, I don't wanna run out!)  

3.  Last week I picked up my Christmas crafts from the consignment shop as the season is officially over :( I am happy to report I did well and I will bring more stuff back to them to sell when I have some stuff made up that is not Christmas.

4.  On Sunday I had to work for a couple of hours doing hearing prep with my boss.  Nothing major - photocopying, printing, a bit of little stuff.  I like working when there are no phone calls or anyone else to interrupt you.  You can get SO much more done!  (Can I work like 4am to 8am and never see anyone???  Doubt it....)

5.  After work Sunday hubby and I went to the pet store and ordered my Christmas present. Yes, I know, Christmas was 3 weeks ago, however I didn't plan on getting my gift until after the holidays.  It should arrive this Friday or next Monday...  It is a 180 litre / 39.9  imperial gallon tank with an external canister filter system.  I can't wait to move my handful of tetras to their new home and then start expanding my fishy collection!!  Hubby has promised that I get to have a sink-mount syphon and filler hose too so I can eliminate carrying bucket after bucket across the living room floor.  And I'm going with new substrate (stone) and NO theme.  Plants, rocks, etc.  Nothing like my current tank which is a combination of Greek and Egyptian "artifacts".  Given I've had it for 11 years, time for a change!

6.  I've been doing a bit of research on the possible POTS diagnosis suggested by my GP last week.  And if he's right, it makes a whole lot of sense.  I'm just not ready to face more tests, more doctors and another invisible illness.  But the dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, heart-rate increases on standing, near fainting... they all fit the POTS symptoms.  Now I've got to mention it to the neurologist when I go in 17 days!

7.  In 17 days I'm electing to have needles stuck into my muscles of my right arm and electric current passed through to see how my muscles respond to nerve simulation (or that's what I understand from my reading anyway)... Sounds like I'm not going to have a very fun day... Whadda you think??

8. I miss out on all the good super-yummy, probably no-good for you anyway things in life... Most days it doesn't get me down, but every so often it bothers me.   I cheat a bit, I have like a tablespoon of Cheese Whiz once or twice a week on crackers or toast.  But I miss other things... Cheesecake, coffee (even decaf is off my menu), egg nog at Christmas (mind you, soy "Festive Nog" isn't too bad), ice cream, Italian gelato (I lived in Italy, gelato should be it's own food group!) and all of the gooey, lip smacking dips, spreads and such you find on appetizer tables, buffets and at events like my mum's birthday.  I made an awesome spinach dip, but when the ingredients are cream cheese and sour cream.... too risky for me to indulge more than a taste test to make sure I'm not poisoning anyone.  I can live without the beef or pork or fats... I miss the dairy products the most...  But I digress and take another drink of my herbal tea, sweetened with honey, not sugar.

9.  I need a maid.  Hubby does a good job, don't get me wrong.  I'm just finding I have less and less energy to do things around here.  Like fold the laundry hubby brought upstairs for me on Sunday...

10.  I, I use the word I too much.  It shouldn't be all about me.  But right now I'm struggling with a few more issues than I thought I would have to face at 34.  I try to make it more about other people too... but for just today I'm feeling greedy and in need of some attention.  Could be the headache I've had for a day... could be I'm chilled and sleepy... could just be taking some time for me.

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  1. Well, it is your blog, so I think the word "I" makes sense. I need a maid, too. Not really. But, it would be a nice splurge nonetheless. ;p