Friday, June 11, 2010

Say Good-bye

Tomorrow I'll say good-bye to my hair... again!  Two years ago I had hair to my butt.  I cut off 16 inches and donated it to wigs for cancer patients.  Now I will cut it short short short tomorrow in preparation for surgery on June 22nd.  I haven't cut it since January and it is about 4 inches longer than I would normally wear it.  I decided to cut it off for ease after surgery.  I have to wash, straighten and style it every day right now or it drives me crazy.  Not going to happen after surgery, especially when it is recommended not to use and hair product or colour.  So au naturel it will be!! Heaven help me!    The new "highlights" will just be my grey hair showing through!

Here's a before pic I took last weekend....
I'm going to measure to see how long my hair is and whether or not I can donate it for wigs again.   I've got a scarf I ordered from  I don't have cancer and I'm not losing my hair because of chemotherapy, but I really liked the scarves this lady makes.  And it is her income since her battle with breast cancer.  

Here's my scarf....  I bought it blue and white to go with a dress I have that I was going to wear to my girl friend's wedding June 26th.  Now I'll miss the wedding because we will likely still be in Toronto.  But I still love it!!  It's pretty!  And it's adjustable for my little head.  Seriously, my skull is small, but overfilled with a big brain!  The lady who makes the scarves also makes hats and other headwear.  I also bought a pink fuzzy pillbox hat for winter.  It'll look great with my all black wool coat!  

Big plan for this weekend, besides the hair cut, is a family barbecue for both sides of the family.  If everyone comes there will be 12 of us tomorrow as my brother and his girlfriend are not in town.  And of course, because I want to have everyone out on the patio it is supposed to rain.  Oh well.... Well shift the living room furniture and eat inside if that is the case.  

Time to go wash my hair for the last time!  I can't lean back in the sink at the salon, for obvious reasons! so I always wash it the night before.  I'll post after pics sometime this weekend!


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  2. Hi my name is Halil. I typed the keywords "chiari toronto" and your site was the first on the search result. I'm also from Toronto and I believe I have chiari but I haven't been diagnosed yet. I have my MRI appointment in July/22. Is this your first surgery? Cause you said you have to cut your hair "again".

    I also joined here:
    you can post your experiences with chiari as well as maybe recommend your doctor.

    I pray that this will be your final surgery and a successful one. Take care.

  3. Hello Halil!!

    I cut my hair off in 2008 because I had a new job and needed a more professional look. Now is for the surgery. This will be my first surgery for Chiari. I was only diagnosed last summer but I have had symptoms for years.

    Good luck with your MRI. I hope you have a good neurosurgeon. If you need names, let me know!