Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Deepest Gratitude

Here I am, 1 work day, 1 Saturday and a Sunday morning left in town before we depart for Toronto.  And I'm already being overwhelmed by gracious gifts, cards, flowers, prayers and healing thoughts.  I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family, fantastic friends and colleagues and even clients!

I try to be a humble person. I don't beg to be the center of attention or be made a fuss over by anyone really except my husband.  He's supposed to spoil me and flatter me.  But the friends and clients and people coming out of the woodwork supporting me before my surgery is overwhelming.

A client who now lives in the US sent me flowers - the most beautiful bouquet imaginable!

My massage therapist and former chiropractor got me a card and a free massage gift certificate.

My yoga instructor gave me a frog candle.  (We have a mutual affection for froggies!)

One of the ladies I work with offered to come do my housework after surgery! (I told her no, but she can come and visit!)

My male boss sent me to another Reiki treatment - so that is 6 treatments in all now!  

The department I work in are all going to lunch tomorrow at one of my favourite restaurants - Caribou.  And I will have my all-time favourite dish - Pad Thai.... yummy!!!

Plus healing thought requests send on my behalf from a number of people.  And prayer groups too.

I haven't even left town yet!  I'm extremely grateful to everyone for everything.  I'm kinda sheepish... I am trying not to make a big deal out of this.  (Yes, I know it is a huge deal. But I'm trying not to get worked up about it at least until Monday.)  

I have confidence that I have made the right decision to have surgery.  I have confidence that Dr. Gentili will do a great job.  I will recover well and I will regain some of my quality of life.  I realize I will have things I can never do again like ride a rollercoaster, but I should be able to do most everything else!

As Willy Wonka said "you have confidence and confidence is key!"

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