Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post-op and NICU

I'll continue on my journey through my hospital stay.

When I woke up from surgery I was in post-op care.  And in PAIN!!!  I remember a really great nurse giving me dose after dose of pain killers until they got the pain under control.  I also remember being sick (yech!) The one doctor there said I would be getting fentynol for the pain - a drug I was told I am allergic to by a doctor 4 years ago.  Turns out, not allergic to fentynol!  Hurray!  I remember the pain getting better and asking to roll from my back (ouch! my incision is in the back of my head!) to my left side.  That's it for post-op...

NICU (Neurological ICU) I remember a little, but not much.  I know hubby came to see me a some point.  I remember my blood pressure cuff squeezing my left arm a lot. And my blood pressure was good for me.  I average low - 100/60.  I asked and got to eat ice chips - mmmmm.  I think hubby even fed them to me. And I remember discovering I had a HUGE swollen lip!  Turns out when they intibated me and flipped me to my stomach for the second surgery my lip got pinched.  And got cut inside my mouth.  And it was so swollen that even my left eye was puffed shut.  I couldn't talk because of it - more of a slur that wasn't drug induced!  I know the drugs were good - kept me comfortable at least. I had trouble figuring out what time of day / night it was and probably drove my nurse crazy asking what time it was.  I have a tendency to do that after surgery. I stayed overnight in the wonderful care of the NICU before being transferred to the ward on Wednesday.

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