Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who Could Ask for More?

Certainly not me.  I'm back online! Hurray!  And I'm typing my blog on my brand spanky new Mac Book Pro.... I'm in love with my little 13" aluminum friend.  I haven't been able to blog since our old laptop began it's new life as a doorstop.

So, I guess I should bring the last couple weeks up to date and then drool over my new laptop later. I still have no surgery date.  Last week Dr. Gentili finally replied to my 3rd email requesting an update as to where I am on the surgery list.  But his update wasn't much.  They won't be booking until the last week or two of May for June surgeries.  And he "hopes" I will be on the June list.  Gees I "hope" I'm on the June list too!! If he pushes me back that will be more than 6 months wait for surgery since I decided to book it. So I am going to wait until the end of this week or even after May long to call again and see if I'm on the list.  Please, please, please let me be on the list!

I've had some good and some bad days.  Nothing lasting days and days, but the dreaded Chiari headaches have increased in their appearances again lately.  And unfortunately I know exactly why - STRESS!!!  Stress at work training my temporary replacement - which is going very well.  And it's been crazy busy at work, so that doesn't help.  Short lunches, staying late, training and still trying to do all of my work - I burnt out.  So I did take Friday and Monday off so that I'd have a 4 day weekend to relax. 

Relax??? Hahahahahahahaha!! That was a good plan, but it's not happening. My grandma is still in the hospital but was transferred to the rehab hospital to regain her strength and hopefully go home in a couple of weeks.  So I spent a couple hours each day up there visiting with her and papa.  And then of course there's the usual errands to run.  Plus it was my birthday Saturday and we had the family over for cake and coffee.  So before the family visited hubby and I had to clean house.  I had started on the bathroom - just the toilet and sink - when hubby came home and took over :) So I vacuumed, changed the bed, did some laundry and cleaned up the kitchen instead.  So much for relaxing...

Cake and coffee with family is always a really good time.  And being my birthday presents were involved.  I got some amethyst earrings and a ring from my mother-in-law, money from my grandparents, roses, garden stuff and two gorgeous glass pendant necklaces from mum, and from the hubby (who has now accrued some mega brownie points) Out of Africa (a favourite of mine) on Blu-ray and the piece de resistance...... a 13" Mac Book Pro.  We've been laptop shopping for some time and I've been ogling a Mac for ages and ages and now I finally own one!!!  I'm quite spoiled my grandma says, but I'm not spoiled rotten.  Once  I have a chance to figure out more like the photo aps etc I will post some pictures of my jewellery.  There is a lot to learn on a Mac - hubby and I are old Windows people... trying to convert.

Today we spent the morning setting up the laptop and trying to link my iPod.  And we discovered the wonderful trick of Apple not allowing a backwards transfer of your music from the iPod to iTunes...  Grrrr.... So to download the 1000+ songs on my iPod need to be redownloaded or I have to find some software to reverse download them.  Learning new stuff all the time!  After a long visit with grandma and papa I came home and went outside.  I managed to shuffle 2 of my planters around to plant some onion seeds, and two hanging baskets with basil and lettuce.  That was more than enough gardening me for one day.  Everything is harder this year.  The planters are heavier it seems.  The tools are too high on the shelf to reach.  The ground was too low to work from with the planters so I got a little stool.  The soil was too hard when I turned it, but it had to be turned after the winter...  I guess I won't be doing a lot of gardening this summer.... We also went for a 2 mile walk tonight, having skipped last night to have the family over.

I still have tomorrow off with plans to see the dentist for a cleaning at noon, a visit to see grandma, and hopefully I'll just sit on my duff and do nothing for a good part of the day.  Here's hoping.

So goodnight my loyal readers, thank you for hanging in during my technical difficulties.  I'm going to finish watching the rest of Out of Africa...


  1. Congrats on your Macbook, and Happy B-day as well!

    I heart my Macbook. If I were not married already, I might just exchange vows with it. ;)

    PS I don't like your doc. Just sayin'...

  2. A lot of folks don't like my doc - he keeps putting me on hold. That's the problem with public health care - there are not enough drs doing surgery or seeing patients. So if you have elective surgery you are put on a waiting list until they can get to you. Their emergency and required surgeries get priority. I'm apparently not a priority because I am electing to have the decompression surgery. Remember, "no one needs Chiari surgery" because the symptoms we experience aren't related :P Yeah, I get that from all the drs here.... The only other option I have is to research another NS, get a referral to him / her, wait up to 18 months to see him / her, and then wait again for surgery. Being able to see Dr. G when I did was a miracle - only a couple months wait. I'll wait to see what the end of the month brings.