Sunday, May 30, 2010

22 Days to Go!

The count down is on...

Flight to Toronto is booked.  Hotel is booked for a long as I could book one for... And it is just across the street from Toronto Western.  As for the rest of the time we're there, well .... WARNING - travelling to the city hosting the G20 summit the week of the summit means NO HOTELS!  I searched at least 20 hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and even 2 hostels close enough to the hospital to walk or bus to.  Nothing... and I mean nothing available for a price we can afford.  Most are $190+ per night.  And the hostels - uh, no.  Sorry, not subjecting the hubby to rodents and bed bugs.  UGH!!!  I've sent an e-mail to my cousin in Toronto.  She offered us a place to stay with them.  I sure hope the offer still stands if we are still in Toronto on the Friday.  I'm sure it will be!

My best friend is supposed to come from Welland to see me in Toronto and I'm really looking forward to seeing her!  It's been almost a year since we've seen each other.  Too bad she'll see me likely at my worst!

I've started putting together the essentials too.  My scarf to wear home.  Those powdered ice packs you shake and they become cold.  My own tube of toothpaste because it will be very hard to share with hubby if his is at the hotel and I'm at the hospital!  And a list of people's phone numbers and emails to keep in touch with everyone while we're there.

My pre-op appointment is on Thursday - which is also our 4th wedding anniversary.  I've got my haircut booked for the 12th.  I'll try to post before and after pictures.  It's all coming off.  I can't manage this style without hairspray and mousse and a curling iron.  I also have a massage and a Reiki treatment booked for the week before surgery.   I'm going to be beautiful and relaxed!

I bought some new pyjamas on the weekend, but couldn't find any more that buttoned up the front that I could afford. Grrrr...  But I have one pair and then a t-shirt and capri set I can bring too.

I did have an accomplished 5 days off work too.  I have my tomatoes planted with hubby's help.  And I planted a few new perennials and a few annuals just so the gardens don't look empty now that the tulips have died off.  It took me 3 days to plant what I bought with my mum on Thursday... but it was all good.  I'm just not used to operating so slow!  And I have my first sunburn of the season.  Mild, but I guess I should have put 30 SPF on instead of just 15 yesterday.  Ah well...  no huge deal.

So, in the next three weeks I have to ensure that my replacement at work is up to speed on everything I can teach her.  And still work on my regular duties.  Should be an adventure!


  1. Good luck with the surgery! you will do great!!!

    I am an Insurance Agent so I just work a desk job. A month seemed like a long time to me. I got to a point where I just had to get out of the house!

  2. Hi Jess! I used to be work for an insurance adjusters and an insurance contractors. So happy to be out of the trenches! I'm a law clerk and there's a ton of huge files and documents and record books I'm expected to move around all the time. My bosses are expecting me to be off for 3 months. I'm looking forward to the rest!! I've been off work before as long as 3 months. And time flew! Hope you're having a great pain free day!