Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  The firm has hired a young lady to help me out at work with the administrative tasks like filing, photocopying, and taking the phone calls in the afternoon.  Today is day two.  So far so good.  I hope I have enough stuff to keep her busy!

2.  The new aquarium is set up!! Hurray!! Hubby had the day off on Sunday (finally!) and we dragged his brother over to help move furniture and set everything up.  It is cycling now, I hope to have fishies in it next week.  

3.  Grrr... I hate misleading sales people.  When I bought my truck I bought the extended warranty.  This is the super platinum warranty, "everything under the sun is covered."   Well, not quite everything.  The battery for one, and the cost to check the battery for another.  And my truck needs a block heater cord - remember the -50F we had last Sunday??  At least it's covered under the extended warranty, after I pay the $100 deductible.  I guess in hind-sight I probably opted for the deductible so the warranty didn't cost a small fortune....  But darn it anyways!  Have to shell out the cash tomorrow when the truck gets fixed.  

4.  I need new menu ideas.  I keep watching the cooking show at 3pm and trying to get new stuff when I pick up groceries.  But I'm just so tired of chicken.  I can only eat chicken and shellfish.  And with hubby on a calorie counter, we eat chicken almost every day of the week.  I wish it was a little warmer, I could barbecue in the afternoon before it gets dark...  I'm just stuck in a chicken rut...  Bahk bahk!!!

5.  Moving the furniture around to accommodate the new aquarium has given hubby ideas... new book shelf, media / tv centre, sofa, love seat and chair...  It will be beautiful when it's all done.  But it's not going to be cheap.

6.  I want to go on a holiday.  Even if it is only for a weekend away in Duluth or Minneapolis... The trips I've gone on in the last year have all been to Toronto for doctor's appointments or my surgery.  I want to go away and relax.

7.  I entered a contest on a Canadian tv show for a kitchen make-over.  I would really love to win it.  When we bought our house in 2002 we tore out a wall between the kitchen and living room.  There was a 2" difference in the flooring heights so we had to tear out all the flooring too...  And the kick-plates from the cabinets.  And the casing trim and baseboard.  We did, or rather, I did repaint the kitchen so it was fresh, however, we haven't been able to afford to redo the rest of the kitchen.  Cabinets, counters, flooring... all the big $$ items.  The contest asked for a picture and why you deserve to win.  Cross your fingers for me - I'd love to have flooring instead of plywood and scatter rugs!

8.  I've watched what coverage I can of the events in Egypt.  I find it very upsetting.  I also find it hard to  comprehend the difficulties in the political system.  Yes, I understand that Egypt is a dictatorship and does not have free elections.  I understand the people are frustrated and that change is required. However, I don't understand how rioting and looting helps the situation.  When I read they broke into the Cairo museum and destroyed 2 mummies and the ticket office I was heart-broken.  This is their history.  Yes, the mummies were placed in the museum by a dictator, and the country is still under dictator rule, but the mummies were put there 100 years ago... Please honour history.  Don't destroy it.

9.  Wow - I went political for a Ten on Tuesday item!  Something I don't usually get involved with.  You know, the two things to never discuss... Politics and religion.  I'm not a religious fanatic.  I don't follow politics in other countries very much.   I couldn't tell you the difference between right and left and democratic and conservative.  I know for whom I vote at election times and I'm content with that.  I'm not content with the political practices in Canada, but I don't think there is any country where every citizen is completely happy with how things are run.

10.  I'm staring at a very blank wall above the television and decided we definitely need some art above the tv.  In it's old location we have 3 small pictures hanging up.  Now it's a large, 20 ft. long grey blank canvas begging for some colour.  Time to go shopping!

11.  BONUS!  I was invited to join a few people from work at one of two fitness activities... everyone knows how active I used to be before my Chiari diagnosis and surgery.  One is a circuit class and the other is hot yoga.  But I can't get back into the gym or yoga yet.  I'm happy they asked though.  It was nice to be included.

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