Thursday, July 22, 2010


My days are pretty straightforward...  The last post says it all.  

The excitement this week was a trip to the doctor to have my shoulder looked at.  He confirmed there is definitely something wrong with my right shoulder - quite likely a torn rotator cuff - again.  So he has ordered an MRI and sent a referral off to my former orthopaedic surgeon to get into see her again.  This does not make me very happy.  The past two shoulder surgeries had me off work for 3 months each and then it was up to a year before I was fully recovered.  This is a set-back in my recovery that I was not expecting.  I was worried about infection, meningitis, or a CSF leak, not a torn shoulder.  Depressing...

The other excitement in my life is I got my first payment from my disability insurance :)  Only a month wait!! That is good news!! Means my kitty gets to keep most of the money I had stashed away for a rainy day.  Now I can pay my part of the mortgage and buy groceries!

Really nothing to report... I finished reading a book I've been working on for months and sat outside enjoying the sunshine.

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