Monday, July 5, 2010

Observations at 2 weeks

I'm honestly feeling good!

Sure, I have pain and fatigue and the occasional upset tummy, but I do not feel at all like I did before surgery.

The pressure - like a balloon is going to burst inside of my skull - is gone.  I've only felt it for a few minutes here and there when I've overexerted myself.  Oh so nice not to have pressure headache!!!!

My legs are not numb :) Sure, they fall asleep, but they are not going numb!!! A huge factor I'm not missing at all!  I can now sit or stand without my legs feeling all tingly.

My thinking and speaking is clearer.  I'm still struggling a little, but I'm also still on hydromorphine 3 times a day... I can't wait to see how much clearer it gets and how much easier it will be at work (but I'm not going back to work for 2 months yet).

I still have tinnitus in my left ear.  Yeah, I can live with it.  The pounding in my right ear is gone and the swishing sound has decreased in my left.  I can only hope that as I heal the tinnitus disappears completely.

Right now I'm a little unsteady on my feet - but I have 24 staples in my right thigh.  I know that my unsteadiness will improve as my leg heals.

My only complaints from the surgery - my lip where I had the huge welt is numb.  Kinda annoying, but I'm sure as the bruise goes away the feeling will return.  And second - they wrenched my right shoulder something terrible during surgery.  I shouldn't have been too hard to move about while unconscious, I only weigh 115 lbs.  But my shoulder is killing me.  I've had 2 surgeries on it in the past and the staff were all told to be careful of it, but I guess they couldn't have been too cautious.  My shoulder is actually more painful than my head!  I just hope it settles down soon too and that there has been no further damage.  Go in for brain surgery and come out needing shoulder surgery?? Not good.  I'll have my family doctor check it tomorrow when I have my staples removed.

At this point in time I am extremely pleased with the surgery and my results.  I still have a long recovery until I am 100%, but as a preliminary statement surgery in my mind was a success.  Now, on August 30th Dr. Gentili had better say the same!!

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