Thursday, February 4, 2010


I haven't had the energy to post... My head was horrible last weekend.  I spent half of Saturday and all of Sunday in major pain.  All I could do was keep my head wrapped in ice, it seemed the only thing that helped.  And going for a walk with Thomas in -20C temps.  I guess freezing my brain is my cure-all.  Days with 8/10 pain really tap my energy.  I ended up at the walk-in on Monday because I had intense jaw pain on the left side.  This on top of the headache and my newly acquired muscle spasms under my left eye.  Maybe it's all connected, maybe it's coincidental.  But the dr. at the walk-in said I have an inflamed jaw and prescribed Motrin.  My tummy does not like Motrin.  Grrrr....

I have appointment days for my lumbar and cervical spine MRI's.  February 10th and 18th.  Why a week apart, I don't know.  Those results along with the head MRI from a couple weeks ago will go to Dr. Gentili.  Hopefully there is nothing else wrong.  I don't think there is anything else.  But I know my symptoms are progressing.  My dearest husband sees me getting sicker and sicker. It's time to have surgery and get better.

We're off to Minneapolis for the motorcycle show tomorrow morning... Hopefully my head stays quiet this weekend.

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  1. It sucks having Chiari. It just sucks! I'm sorry you're in so much pain. I'm sorry that everyone who has Chiari is in so much pain. I'm sorry we have to live like this.

    I know you were joking when you said about freezing your head, but ironically, frrezing my neck has helped for me, so there's some truth to that. Lol! When I was having constant headaches (I haven't had one in two weeks, knocking on wood right now), I walked around the house with an icepack on my neck and even went to sleep with one. I think you do the same thing, right? I read so many Chiari blogs that sometimes I get the bloggers mixed up, but I think I read that you sleep with an ice pack. So, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Lol!

    Here's hoping that your head "stays quiet" this week-end so you can enjoy yourself a little. Seems like it's too cold up north for a motorcycle show. Why don't they have it in the summer months??? Go figure.