Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've been doing a lot of reflecting this weekend. I can't do much else. My Chiari had me in the hospital again yesterday so today is a rest, rest, and only rest day. And about 4 naps in the middle.  Thomas had to take me to emergency when he came home from the memorial pool tournament in honour of his dad yesterday night.  It was so bad I was curled in a ball on the floor bawling - I just hoped the dr. at emergency would give me something to help the pain.  Fortunately, the Torodol he tried worked.  Thank heavens for small favours.  I'm literally exhausted today, but at least I'm not in any pain.

I'm reflecting on how lucky I truly am. I got the most wonderful valentine's card from my dear husband - and it had the most beautiful message. It brought me to tears knowing how lucky I am to be his wife. Without him I couldn't make it through days like yesterday. Even though he hates taking me to the hospital he does. And he stays until the dr. sees me. He's very often my advocate because so many times I can't physically express what is going on because the pain is so bad. Yesterday was the worst yet - 8.5 / 10. At 9 I begin to lose consciousness - just to give you an idea.... Where was I... sorry I ramble on.

I'm reflecting on how lucky I am. My DH was called into work this afternoon. So I finally sat down and watched My Sister's Keeper. I cried a dozen times or more. But it reminded me of how lucky I am. I'm sick, but not that sick. I have my husband and family to support me. I don't take anything from my family but they all give willingly of the love, time and compassion. I will have my surgery in April or May and I will recover and I will get my quality of life back. It was a great movie to make me realize just how much I have to be truly thankful for.

Sometimes I believe it is important to realize how ill you are, but how well you are in perspective. We all battle daily with our own issues. But when you reflect on it I hope you realize, as I do, how fortunate we truly are.

On a side note, I did have a wonderful stretch of ten days or so before yesterday without a headache!! We went to Minneapolis last weekend, hung out with Kyle, went to the motorcycle show with Kyle, Mikey and Rosa.  We had such a good time.  I almost forgot about the Chiari.  Pity that feeling good couldn't last for two weekends in a row.

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  1. Sorry your headache returned. Truly sorry! Yuck!

    I sobbed when I saw My Sister's Keeper, too. Also cried during Dear John. I'm usually not the crying type, especially for movies, but maybe it's the Chiari that has me more emotional these days. Appreciate the small stuff, right? I'm trying!