Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It was to be expected, but I'm still disappointed that OHIP denied my application to travel to Wisconsin Chiari Institute for an assessment and possibly treatment. 

I wasn't mad at the denial.  I was mad at the Ministry of Health personnel who can't type.  The letter was sent out December 22nd.  I got it on January 5th.  Why?  Because people at the Ministry can't type.  My address was wrong so the envelope sat in the Purolator terminal waiting to be redirected from December 24th to January 4th.  I know there were holidays in the middle, but that is ridiculous.  Not to mention the fact that should I wanted to appeal their decision, the 15 day time limit had passed!  I have no desire to appeal the decision.  According to the Ministry I'm at no risk of tissue death or death itself, and as I have no notes from doctors saying anything to support my case, I do not believe that spending money on a lawyer to represent me at a hearing before the board would be prudent.  Better to save my money for a rainy day.

Besides the denial letter dampening my mood, the 5 day killer headache also kept me pretty low key through the New Year and the start of this week.  Yesterday peaked at a 8/10 through most of the work day... I got to the point where I wanted to go home but I couldn't see straight to drive, so I stayed at work.  My headache eased off a bit at lunch and I made it through the rest of the day.

My 5 days of pain were my own fault.  I felt pretty good on Saturday so I did too much - I am responsible for my own undoing.  Housework and undecorating the tree without taking those newly necessary little breaks...  Dumb. Dumb.  Dumb.

Mum, Eugene and I did go see the Olympic torch go through town on Sunday night.  They were handing out flags, so I stuck my arm out.  The flag person passed me by, but the next thing I knew there was a little Coke bottle in my hand!! It's a torch relay exclusive bottle.  It made my night!!

Even knowing that I'm not covered to go to WCI, I still sent off my MRI to Dr. Heffez for his opinion of my MRI.  I also asked him for the cost of the assessment there.  If it is affordable enough I might consider going, just to have all of the tests done that I should.  I did also ask what other tests should be done, and maybe I could have them done here instead.

So, I have a decision to make I guess.  The more I consider my options the more difficult I find my decision.  If I do chose Dr. Gentili, am I in the best care?  I know there are amazing neurosurgeons at Toronto Western.  I'm just scared.  What happens if they open up my head and find more than they were expecting?  What if it is worse and they can't do anything?  Do they just stitch me back up and send me on my merry way to try and find someone who can help?  Or do they "try their best" and leave me worse off than I already am?

I know in my heart I want and need the surgery done as I cannot continue to live with ice packs wrapped around my head 4 or 5 times a day.  I cannot continue to miss work and activities and having to limit what I would normally do.  I'm not ready to give in that easily.

Time to think....

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  1. I can emppathize with your disappointment and frustration with the whole approval process with the insurance company. I have been there in your place many times. I want to encourage you to fight for your case ~ to make your plea with the insurance company until they approve your consult. This is brain surgery you are considering and there's no room for a do-over. Do the research and educate your insurance company. Hang in there ~ hugs ~ Lace