Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday's Reflections Etc.

Yes, I know, I fell off the Ten on Tuesday wagon... sorry.  There's just been a lot going on and not a lot of time to post.  I'm taking care of me right now and trying not to sweat the small stuff.

I'm very sad today.  I found out yesterday that a long-time email / FB friend passed away.  She battled cervical / ovarian cancer and was told she won, only to find out a couple years later the doctors were wrong.  During radiation treatments they had damaged her kidneys to the point she needed a transplant.  Then more and more tests.  More and more doctors.  More and more opinions.  And finally a verdict that no one wanted to hear.  I'm very very saddened by the failure by the doctors in her area to properly diagnose, treat and follow up on her cancer.  She did everything she could to tell them something was still wrong.  They didn't listen.  She fought very hard but lost her final battle on Sunday.  Rest in peace Steph... I'll miss you're crazy antics, your collection of furry and scaly and swimming creatures.  I'll miss our emails and FB chats.  You were one of my cheering squad during my brain surgery and I'll never forget your support.  Rest pain free forever my dear friend.

I have been going through a gauntlet of appointments - physio, acupuncture, massage - and I'm starting to feel better.  I'm not saying I'm 100%, but I notice a little thing here and there.  Like the feeling returned to my thumb and finger for a couple days.  And a little more energy.  I have been doing a bit more yoga.  Yoga is helping keep me calm and centred.  I plan to go for another infrared sauna tomorrow.  The sauna helps with detoxing my system and helps my arthritis.  I'm taking my iron supplement and powdered barely greens every day.  My physio tapes my shoulder blades in place helps take the pressure off of my brachial nerve.  This helps with pain management.  So I'm taped 5 days of the week.  Acupuncture is doing a little of everything - detoxing, pain management, centring.  I really find it helping.  I haven't really had a headache in I don't know how many weeks :)  I still don't sleep well, but that's something to work on.  My strength is very slowly improving too.  Little steps on the big road to recovery.

Hubby and I are confirmed as puppy owners-to-be.  Or more correctly, we're going to be owned by a Weimaraner :)  The puppies should be ready to go to home at the end of April, early May.  We are extremely excited.  We spend hours reading, researching, browsing products and food.  We go to the pet shops and look at all the fun stuff we get to buy her.  Compare food and treats.  And we argue back and forth about it.  I know how very important all this stuff is and will be for puppy, I just never thought we would argue about it!

We're deciding on names...  Whadda you think??

We both like:
Lily or Willow

He likes:
Skye or Lacey

I like:
Portia or Sela

(Photos are all courtesy of our breeders at Breica Weimaraners)  


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend. I hate cancer. :(

    I like Lily, or Lacey. Lily is the name of my iphone (yes, you read that right).

  2. My deepest condolences on your loss. As I get older I am finding my friend losses harder to take. Friends play such an important role in our lives. It is too bad she they wouldn't listen to her.

    I find yoga very helpful to my well being. I haven't been since I moved and I am craving it.

    Personally, I like Willow or Sela but I recommend waiting for the puppy. We bounced around ideas for both of our dogs but after we got them the name sort just followed. We waited a week to name Saphron and two weeks to name Othello. Our neighbors were like "you have to name the puppy. you can't just keep calling it puppy." The names though fit them perfectly.

    Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. I lost your link and had to get it from Marla. :-)