Monday, March 28, 2011

(((((((((( Ring Ring, Ring Ring )))))))))

I received a really unspecific call-back time - someone (we don't know who) will call sometime Monday between 1 pm and 5pm (no, we can't be more specific)... So I've been sitting here for over 2 hours waiting for the phone to ring.  I hurried through a call from hubby because I didn't want to tie up the phone line.  I used my pay-as-you-go cell to make 2 other short calls.  And still, then phone doesn't ring.  Yet, as soon as I leave the room to pee (heaven forbid!) I know that it is going to ring.  And I refuse to take the phone to the little girl's room.  Even I have standards!

I was under the assumption that this company had a maximum call-back policy (48 hours if it is a non-emergency). I know I know... people are busy, it's Monday, the "busiest" day of the work week.  Things get put aside because they are less important.  Your number gets forgotten on the list until the next day - when they are liable to call between 8 am  and 1 pm while I am at work, and knowing my luck, won't leave a message.  Or the person you left a message with on Saturday forgot to press send on the e-mail notification.  Or they took down my home number incorrectly.  Or the call-center building in the middle of nowhere had a power failure and their computers didn't back up the information which was to be sent out so someone could call me... or 101 other unforeseeable circumstances completely beyond my control.  I hate waiting for phone calls.

If you've never heard this ring tone from the movie Bedtime Stories, listen, you'll get a chuckle... I'm about to the last "ring" right about now!

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  1. Waiting sucks. Been there. Done that. Boo! (Hopefully by now, they've called you back.)