Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - Christmas

1.  This was the first Christmas without my grandma.  I only started to cry half a dozen times....

2.  Christmas morning started for us at 2:57am.  The phone rang and hubby went into work for a few hours.  He was home by 8 and we had breakfast and opened presents.

3.  Hubby spoiled me.  He always does.  I got a Swarovski crystal Eeyore.  He had to order it.  1 of 10 left in Canada.  Very nice, and very unexpected.  And loads of chocolate... I have shares in Lindt.

4.  Dinner number one...  Mother-in-law's with between 13 and 23 people... it was crowded and wonderful. Although a little loud... my ears were ringing.  But it is only because I'm not used to the noise yet.

5.  Dinner number two... My papa's with 14, including two of my three cousins from out of town.  It wasn't the same, grandma absence was on all of our minds.  We enjoyed fantastic food and great company, but at times we were all quiet... missing the figurehead of our family.

6.  Spoiled.  Rotten.  Family overdid themselves once again.  I have the choice of a new aquarium from my hubby and mother-in-law.  And more chocolate than I could ever imagine.  I put 6 boxes in the freezer... there are at least 4 in the closet where we keep the treats!  (I'm a closet chocoholic!)

7.  Boxing day we DID NOT go shopping.  But we did go out 27th shopping.  No crowds.  No lines.  And the only size small lavender wool jacket at Old Navy for 70% off!  LOVE!!!!  I saw it Christmas Eve when I rushed in for a last minute gift for my nephew.   The clerk told me about the Boxing Day sale and I figured it wouldn't be there on the 27th, but lucky me, it was!!

8.  Food.... so much food....  And baking.... And pies....  And chocolate.  I even made it over my normal 1,300 calorie count for Christmas and Boxing Day!

9.  I'm already thinking about next year... what to make for whom... ideas run through my head all year.  Thinking of cookie mixes in the canning jars, homemade calendars, a new style of Christmas ornament... Have to keep myself busy!

10.  No plans for New Year's.  We never really ring in the year... usually in bed well before the clock hits 12:00.

(Okay... pretty sappy Ten on Tuesday... but there's 10!)


  1. Hmmm. Is it just me, or is it a Canadian thing, but I've never heard it called Boxing Day before? It's probably just me.

    I didn't box. I stayed home. ;p

    Yay chocolate!

  2. It's Boxing Day in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It's basically a bank holiday. In years gone by it was the day the hired hands would have off to celebrate Christmas with their families as they had worked the holiday. For us, it's a day off!