Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back to Toronto

Because the nerve issues in my right arm are ongoing, I've plateaued in my recovery, and I'm still experiencing lots of nerve pain, my family doctor referred me back to Dr. Gentili on the recommendation from my orthopaedic surgeon.  And within a week of Dr. G's office receiving the referral, I have an appointment for an EMG (electromyogram) on January 28th at Toronto Western Hospital.  Wow!! 
I'm just so happy I'm being looked at and it's not going to take 6+ months to be seen!  We haven't yet decided if we will go down the night before or just for a day trip again. Flying to Toronto in January can be a little dodgy if there's a snow storm.  And I was forewarned by Dr. G's receptionist not to be late.  The doctor performing the test hates when his patients are late.  I'm not a late person, I panic if I'm there only 5 minutes early... but snow can wreak havoc on travel plans!
My return to work is coming along slowly, but it is coming along.  I start doing something I haven't done in 6 months and all of a sudden it's done and I'm not really sure how I completed it, but it is done.  I'm still a bit overwhelmed, some of the files that I thought would have been completed during my absence are still ongoing, and others have closed that I thought would be still around.  And just getting used to the new stuff... a whole new computer system with Windows 7 - and I'm a Mac user at home - and a number of changes to the programs and software... And soon, a new keyboard with a track pad so I can ditch the thumb-ball mouse I've been using since my last shoulder surgery in 2003.  So my learning curve will just have to curve a little deeper for a while longer... The young lady who was filling in for me is still helping out on a few files, but she will be finished with the firm on December 30th... Does panic set in now??? I'm still only working 15 hours a week... How am I going to do a full day's work in 3 hours???  I can't think about it or I'll start to have panic attacks...
I'm going to focus on planning our trip back to Toronto and getting my nerves working.  The rest is out of my control.

And just to brag a little... The tree is trimmed, the lights are hung in the windows, the presents are wrapped and sit beneath the tree.  The baking is in the freezer and I have all the ingredients I need for Christmas dinner...  And I have the next 6 days before Christmas to relax!

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