Thursday, September 9, 2010

Orthopaedic Appointment

With luck, after I went to emergency on Friday for my shoulder, I got into the the orthopaedic surgeon today at the fracture clinic.

It was almost a three hour wait, but that is to be expected.  I've been through the fracture clinic plenty to know what to expect.

Dr. W came in and review my previous shoulder history from my last surgery in 2003.  Asked about my limitations, weigh-bearing, mobility, etc.  She recommended physio for now, and will see me again in 6 weeks to review the MRI results.  My MRI, fortunately, is on September 15th, so less than a week away.

And, I can start driving!! So, this weekend I will go out with the hubby and do some test-drives to make sure my neck and shoulder don't hurt too much to drive.  'Cause starting Monday, I have physio at 10am a bit farther from home then I would normally walk.  And I have at least 3 other appointments next week.  I'm sure everyone is getting tired of being my chauffeur.

I also got my appointment for my brain MRI - it's for November 7th! Argh!! I'm pretty sure Dr. Gentili didn't think it would take quite that long to get one done... I've e-mailed him to find out. 

Until my follow-up with Dr. W in 6 weeks, my days will now be walking, physio, and sitting on my duff with the laptop.  I'm trying to do some crafts every day but the pain is preventing me from doing much.


  1. I just gotta say, it absolutely sucks that you went from having the headache pain to having the shoulder pain. Good grief! I would like to punch that doctor in his head for denying his involvement in any of this. Then again, he did take away your headache problems, so kudos to that, but still. Yikes! Sorry, girl! *hugs*

  2. Thanks Marla!! Public healthcare has it's draw backs - it's almost impossible to find a doctor at fault here. And I won't punch Dr. G - I may need his services again!!