Monday, September 6, 2010


1.  My wonderful husband has completed the trim work in the last bedroom.  IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!  And he brought my piano up from the basement and put it in the room.  First time my piano has lived upstairs since we moved into the house!! :)

2.  I grew an ugly tomato - a really ugly tomato - people pay big bucks for these at the grocery store.  Should have sold it on eBay or something!!  But bumps, lumps and all the splits cut away - it tasted awesome!  There are still a lot of tomatoes still to ripen on the vines and I hope to make at least one batch of tomato sauce with them.

3.  I gave into the shoulder pain on Friday and went to emergency.  The doctor had an x-ray done - of course it showed nothing.  But he did put in a referral to the fracture clinic which will fast track me in to seeing the orthopaedic surgeon - hopefully in the next couple weeks (instead of MONTHS).  I was told to use a sling and to ice it.  I have been using the sling a couple hours a day while the hubby and I watch tv or while I ice it.  It helps a little, but not a lot.

4.  This morning there was frost.  The 6th of September - it's not unheard of, but still a little early for my liking.  I covered my tomato plants last night as I would prefer they ripen on the vine and not in the basement.

5.  Surefire way to aggravate a torn shoulder - sit down at the piano your husband moved into the spare room and play for the first time since last Christmas.  Three songs and I was done.  But I do miss playing!!

6.  I watched momma and two young otters swim down-river this morning on my walk.  They were fishing.  And so pretty!  I love watching wildlife.  And the river is only a block from my house, smack-dab in the middle of town.

7.  I promised a picture of my beaded Christmas tree ornament - the one I designed from a picture I saw. Here you go!!  Nothing amazing, but I think they are cute.  Right now I'm working on spiders - Christmas spiders (not creepy crawly gross things I make the husband kill if they live on the main floor of our house).  I'm getting ready for the Christmas craft show season.  This week I have to call the consignment shop in town and find out when I can bring in my stuff for the holiday shopping season as well.  I live in such a small city that yes, we have 1 consignment craft shop, and most craft shows might see between 120 to 500 people in a day.  You have to be diverse if you want to make any money with what you are selling.  There are many years when I don't even make enough to pay for the rental table.  I know I'll do one show this year, but might look into one more.

8.  Suddenly, after 10 weeks of having no social life, things have suddenly turned around...strange! I went for lunch with my mother-in-law and aunts-in-law on Thursday.  Saturday I had tea with a dear, dear friend who is going for wrist surgery in Toronto on Wednesday - I'm praying for her!!! And this week I will be having lunch with another friend before she goes back to Bogota.  Plus appointments galore in the next two weeks - massage, shoulder MRI, physical, eye doctor, and I really need a haircut soon!!  And I should hear from the fracture clinic too, so I'll have to head up there for a day too.  I'm not complaining - it's nice to be out of the house.  And in another week or so I can actually drive!! :)

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