Monday, November 2, 2009

3 More Sleeps!!

Is it bad to be excited to see a doctor?  Especially when your brain is involved...

Well, I am excited and hopeful for some answers when I see Dr. Gentili on Thursday at Toronto Western Hospital.  I received a confirmation phone call today from his assistant confirming my appointment time.  When you have to fly 2 hours to the appointment, you'd better be sure the doctor is going to be there!!

Hubby and I will leave on the 6:45 am Porter flight to Toronto City Island and that lands us around 8:30 and only 2 km from the hospital.  I've already looked up the street car schedule for Bathurst St. and it runs about every 10 minutes.  So we can hop the street car if it's miserable weather.  Otherwise, I'm not opposed to walking.  I walked almost 5 km to the bus depot from Union Station toting my luggage in July.  I can definitely do it without the luggage in tow!!

My appointment is for 10:30 and hopefully the doctor won't be too far behind.  I'm anxious to know what he thinks.
 - will he perform surgery?
 - is this a now, or wait scenario?
 - are there more tests which should be run?
 - if he were in my position, would he trust him to do the surgery?
 - how many Chiari patients has he treated?
 - overall prognosis?

And I have a few more written in a notebook I'm taking along with the MRI disc.

I already couldn't sleep last night so I can just imagine the next three nights I won't get much sleep.  But I'll plug into my iPod and listen to my hypnosis if necessary.  I'll update once I'm home from the big city!!

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